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Exhibitions / Individuals


2015        Hyperbolic-Semiotics under Third World Standards

        Waldron Gallery | Bloomington, IN


2013        Garage Sale

        FAHM Gallery | Savannah, GA


2008        “Sin nombre”

        Om | Santo Domingo, DR



Select Exhibitions / Group shows


2020           Us: What divides us and what unites us?

                Touchstone Gallery | Washington, DC 

2020        Sanctuary

        Hamilton Street Gallery | Bound Brook, NJ 


2020        Figure in Art

        3rd Street Gallery | Philadelphia, PA


2019        Once upon a time in July 25

        Puertorican Art Center | Candem, NJ 


2019        Concrete and Adrift

        Alexandria Museum of Art | Alexandria, LA 


2019        Faculty Triennial

        Moore Galleries | Philadelphia, PA 


2018        Mixed Media

        Site: Brooklyn | Brooklyn, NY 


2018        Spring Stroll

        Pentimenti Gallery | Philadelphia, PA 


2018        Politics of exchange

        Kimmel Center of performing Arts | Philadelphia, PA 


2017        Philly Fashion Week

        Philadelphia, PA


2017        Punto de Encuentro

        Capitol Building | San Juan, PR


2017        Politics of exchange

        Cecille R. Hunt Gallery | Saint Louis, MO 


2016        The Factory Fashion Show

        Saint Louis Fashion week | Saint Louis, MO 


2014        Expanding mode

        Concepto Hudson | Hudson, NY            


2014        33March

        Old Orchard Gallery | St Louis, MO


2014        Trash to Art

        KOKEN Art Factory | ST Louis, MO


2013        27th Santo Domingo Visual Arts Biennial

        Modern Arts Museum | Santo Domingo, DR


2013        Mixed Mediacy

        Non Fiction Gallery | Savannah, GA


2013        Secac Members Show

        University of North Carolina | Greensboro, NC


2012         Collected: Here and Them

        Non Fiction Gallery | Savannah, GA


2012        Its’ small, small world | curated by Jason Musson

        Family Business Project Space | New York, NY


2011        The new kids in the block

        787 Studios | Santurce, PR


2011         Be Brave

        Gómez Hermanos foundation | San Juan, PR


2010        Santurce es Ley II

        Santurce, PR

2010        Santurde es Ley I

        Santurce, PR


2010        Triennial Elite-Tile

        Modern Art Museum | Santo Domingo, DR


2010        “Pintura expandida”

        Madhouse Gallery | Escuela de Artes Plásticas de PR | San Juan, PR


2009        Annual Exhibition

        Madhouse Gallery | Escuela de Artes Plásticas de PR | San Juan, PR


2007        Annual Sculpture Exhibition

        Madhouse Gallery | Escuela de Artes Plásticas de PR | San Juan, PR







2020        TSA AIR Fellowship

        TSA Philly Gallery | Philadelphia, PA


2020        Artist Talk “Drawing in professional practice”

        SCAD | Savannah, GA


2020        Artist talk “The importance of the body in art”

        3rd Street Gallery | Philadelphia, PA


2019        Artist talk “Art and the real”

        Escuela de Artes Plásticas | San Juan, PR


2018            Artist talk 

               NYC Group Crit | Brooklyn, NY 


2018        1 Day Piece Activation

        Elsewhere living museum | Greensboro, NC


2014        Elsewhere residency

        Elsewhere living museum | Greensboro, NC


Prizes/ Articles


2020        Artists in the time of Coronavirus

        Philly Art blog | Online magazine


2019        Moore College of Art and Design Faculty show

        Broad Street review | Philadelphia, PA


2017        Creativ Magazine (April 2017 issue)

        creativpaper | Online magazine


2013        Garage Sale

        SCAD Exhibitions | Savannah, GA


2013         Studio Visit Magazine

        Volume twenty-four



        Online Diary


2013        27th MAM Biennial Catalog 

        Museum of Modern Art | Sto. Dgo, Dominican Republic


2013        Dominicana en Miami

        Dominicana en miami | online magazine


2012        Gelman Trust Scholarship                                                                                                         

        SCAD | Savannah, GA


2011          Carlos Collazo Scholarship Prize for the Plastic Excellence                                            

        San Juan, Puerto Rico


2009        Primera Hora Diary/ January 23 

        Sculpture exhibition representative photo | San Juan, Puerto Rico


2008          San Juan Post Diary/ October 9 

        Painting exhibition representative photo | San Juan, Puerto Rico


2008          Annual Painting Exhibition- Escuela de Artes Plásticas 

        Second prize | San Juan, Puerto Rico

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